Master The Resume

The Proven 3 Step System To Win Competitive Interviews By Transforming Your Resume And Cover Letter

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What is Master The Resume?

Master The Resume is my proven complete step-by-step system designed to show you how to write a resume and cover letter that stands out, gets interviews, and leads to your dream job.

Master The Resume is a 3 module step-by-step digital course that walks you through exactly how to write a spectacular resume and cover letter that wins job interviews.

  • Login 24/7 (all digital video lessons to watch anytime)
  • Literally step-by-step. Nothing is left out. No unnecessary fluff.
  • Learn how to finally breakthrough in your job search.

Once you know this job search insider strategy, you’ll be the one with all the options who rejects companies—instead of getting rejected.

If you’re interested in getting started, let me explain more…

What you will get:

  • Step-by-step system video lessons to write the perfect resume and cover letter
  • Real resume and cover letter video demonstrations for you to replicate
  • Examples of winning and losing resumes
  • Examples of winning and losing cover letters
  • Confidence boost to land interviews and job offers
Module 1 - Understanding Your Mission

The average corporate job opening gets 250 applications, gives 5 interviews, and offers 1 person the job. So you have to know what exactly wins interviews and job offers before you write your resume and cover letter. Otherwise, you’re just playing the job lottery.

Module 2 - Writing Your Resume

A winning resume convinces the reader that you have the skills and experiences needed to excel in the position. In Module 2, you’ll learn the 3 proven steps to persuade hiring managers that you’re the perfect candidate for the job.

Module 3 - Writing Your Cover Letter

Most people don’t take the cover letter serious or don’t know how to write one. But with this lesson, you’ll know how to write a killer cover letter that impresses hiring managers and gets them excited to interview you.


“I sent out 7 applications last Thursday night. The next morning I had 2 call backs before lunch. By Saturday I had 4 interviews set. The first time in my life that I had options when choosing employment.” – Michael G.

“Go to Brian if you want big results in your job search. Using his resume and cover letter strategy got me a job doing work I’m passionate about, with an amazing company, in my favorite city.” – Alexis C.

Who is Master The Resume for?

  1. The Young Professional: You’re ambitious and hungry to make your stamp on the real world, this proven system will get you an excellent job at a company with a great culture.
  2. The Rejected Candidate: If you have tried applying before without much luck or callbacks, this course is for you.
  3. The Recent Grad/College Student: If you are a recent grad or college student and looking to start your career on the right track, I want to help you.
  4. The Veteran: If you’ve put in your time and you’ve made some money but now you’re ready to make that career transition to a job you love, this course will get you there.

Generally, it’s for anyone (any age) who desires more out of their current job or salary.


You don’t have to, and shouldn’t, settle for any job that holds you back from doing what you want. If you feel like there’s a better job out there with your name on it, this course is for you.


How does this Master The Resume course work?

There are three modules—Understanding Your Mission, Writing Your Resume, and Writing Your Cover Letter—with 11 videos showing you the proven step-by-step system to stand out over 99% of applicants and win interviews.

You can finish the course in one (long, sleepless) night, but most people complete the course in about a week.

By the time you’re done, you’re going to have a winning resume and cover letter to dominate your job search—trust me.

Will it actually work for me?

I created the course so that as long as you try, you can’t fail.

You either get a great job out of it (and make the cost of the course back on the first day of the job), or you get your money back—so your investment is 100% guaranteed.

With that said, this course will work if you pay attention to the video lessons and make the critical changes to your resume and cover letter. I, and many others I’ve coached, have used these steps to win competitive job offers and take a big step forward in our career.

Is there really a money-back guarantee?

Yes, so you have nothing to lose.

As long as you’re within the 30 day return window and unhappy with the course (I’d be extremely surprised), send a return request and I’ll refund your money.

No problem.

Who is Brian Robben?

Brian Robben is a career expert and a three-time Amazon bestselling author.

He’s helped thousands of people (college students, young professionals, and older adults) land interviews and win job offers through his website

And he believes everyone should work at a job they love.

I pride myself on creating high quality programs that produce real results. And that perfectly describes this Master The Resume course.

As long as you pay attention to the lessons and put in the work, you’re going to find success in your job search. And you won’t have a single thought about returning this course.

But like anything else in life, if you don’t do any work then you’re not going to get a good result. And you may want a refund—if that’s the case…


30 Day Guarantee!

We’re so confident in this program, we’ll give you 1 month (30 days) to test out this program yourself. If for whatever reason you follow the steps and still aren’t successful in your job search, not only would we be shocked and amazed, we’ll also refund your investment into this Master The Resume program.

The reason I’m willing to do this is because I stand behind this course 100%.

It’s risk free with our 30-day guarantee!

$40 three payments
3 Monthly Payments Of $40

3 Step-By-Step Modules
11 Detailed Videos
4 Bonuses
Lifetime Access
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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$97 One Time - save 19% ($23)

3 Step-By-Step Modules
11 Detailed Videos
4 Bonuses
Lifetime Access
30-Day Money Back Guarantee